sleep vaccines moth eating bears feeling metaverse
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Sleep and Vaccines, Moth-Eating Bears, Feeling the Metaverse

Today you’ll learn about how getting a good night’s sleep is especially important for men when it comes to vaccine efficacy, how grizzly bears have taken to eating a specific kind of moth, and how tec

chocolate mouthfeel teaching moms daylight saving
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Chocolate Mouthfeel, Teaching Moms, Daylight Saving

Today you’ll learn about the history of the ever controversial daylight saving time, how a mother’s level of education impacts children, and how researchers built a 3D tongue to study how chocolate me

immortality tech please is not polite snap fit physics
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Immortality Tech, Please Is Not Polite, Snap Fit Physics

Today you’ll learn about new treatments the wealthy are using to try and stay young forever, the cultural and social evolution of the word please, and how the snap fit mechanism used in things like le

time relationship aerosol injections psych participants
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Time Relationship, Aerosol Injections, Psych Participants

Today you’ll learn about how the pandemic has shifted our relationship with time, what a stratospheric aerosol injection entails, and the effects of a certain group of people who are more likely than

double lung transplant blue whale behavior lie detector
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Double Lung Transplant, Blue Whale Behavior, Lie Detector

Today you’ll learn about how doctors are successfully using double lung transplants for cancer patients, how blue whale behavior changes with environmental conditions, and how the history of the polyg

social rewards broken heart syndrome min walks
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Social Rewards, Broken Heart Syndrome, 5 Min Walks

Today you’ll learn about how being close to the ones you love makes your physical health better, how broken heart syndrome is actually real, and how walking for as little as five minutes every half ho

notre dame fire hypoxia gravity ibs
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Notre-Dame Fire, Hypoxia, Gravity and IBS

Today you’ll learn about how new discoveries are being made from the fire that nearly destroyed Notre-Dame, how there’s more hypoxia in our rivers than previously thought, and a new theory as to how g

spacex crew returns robots brains cancer treatment
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SpaceX Crew Returns, Robots With Brains, Cancer Treatment

Today you’ll learn about the SpaceX Dragon Capsule, which recently landed back on Earth after visiting the ISS, how scientists are trying to build robots with a brain, and how a potential new treatmen

zoom doom denali fault modern moon suit
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Zoom Doom, Denali Fault, Modern Moon Suit

Today you’ll learn about how video calls can add to social anxiety, how new technology is able to discover the secrets of the Denali Fault, and what goes into designing a new spacesuit for astronauts!

ice age survivors micro knots octopus farm
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Ice Age Survivors, Micro Knots, Octopus Farm

Today you’ll learn about what long lost genomes from the last ice age teach us about ancient how a covid-era obsession helped make a resilient new material, and a proposal to create

anxiety blood test mommy brain linkedin spy
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Anxiety Blood Test, Mommy Brain, Linkedin Spy

Today you’ll learn about a new blood test that’s been developed to assess anxiety, what’s really happening neurologically that causes “mommy brain”, and how a spy may be trying to contact you on Linke

genetic fertility co suck up dad mice
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Genetic Fertility, CO2 Suck Up, 2 Dad Mice

Today you’ll learn about how our genes can predict how many kids we’ll have, how scientists have created a new method of sucking up CO2 from the atmosphere, and how a baby mouse was born from two biol

basketball positions self healing plastic iq decline
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Basketball Positions, Self-Healing Plastic, IQ Decline

Today you’ll learn about how fruit flies are inspiring new forms of gameplay in basketball, how IQ levels are falling around the country, and a potential solution to plastics!Bask

species ending asteroids air into electricity female mice
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Species-Ending Asteroids, Air Into Electricity, Female Mice

Today you’ll learn about controversial research by NASA suggesting that asteroids may have hit Earth more often than we thought, how scientists are working to create electricity out o

zombie virus back from brink bad cholesterol
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Zombie Virus, Back From the Brink, Bad Cholesterol

Today you’ll learn about a zombie virus recovered from the arctic permafrost and brought back to life, some good news about 26 Australian animal species that have been brought back from the brink, and

endometriosis shot bee puzzles lemonade kidney stones
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Endometriosis Shot, Bee Puzzles, Lemonade Kidney Stones

Today you’ll learn about how scientists are working on developing an injection to treat endometriosis, how bees solve puzzles, and how lemon juice is able to block the formation of kidney stones.Endom

remote work baby boom acne antibiotics chagas infection
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Remote Work Baby Boom, Acne Antibiotics, Chagas Infection

Today you’ll learn about how remote work is resulting in people having more children than before the pandemic, how scientists are searching for new treatments for acne, and how indigenous groups in So

foreign accent syndrome ai reads minds alien marsh
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Foreign Accent Syndrome, AI Reads Minds, Alien Marsh

Today you’ll learn about how foreign accent syndrome works, how an AI algorithm can create a physical copy of a mental picture, and how invasive marsh grass is taking over China’s Ac

men at work whale interrupted gender equality
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Men At Work, Whale Interrupted, Gender Equality

Today you’ll learn about how men with physically strenuous jobs have higher testosterone levels and, ahem, sperm counts, about how a researcher studying whales figured out an ancient mystery, and how

birth order braincell computers zimbabwe hydro
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Birth Order, Braincell Computers, Zimbabwe Hydro

Today you’ll learn about whether or not birth order affects how rebellious you are, how researchers are working to turn a human brain into a machine, and what Zimbabwe is doing to try and solve their

d printed community secret chamber in giza migraine hope
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3D-Printed Community, Secret Chamber in Giza, Migraine Hope

Today you’ll learn about neighborhood 3D-printed by a robot, a 4,500 year-old secret chamber recently discovered in the Great Pyramid of Giza, and about research that shows a genetic link between bloo

gerd anxiety crowd math insect catapult
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GERD Anxiety, Crowd Math, Insect Catapult

Today we discuss the link between disorders and mental health, how the path you take walking through a crowd can be predicted by mathematics, and how we’ve now witnessed an example of

same sex same kids face blindness paid sick leave
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Same Sex Same Kids, Face Blindness, Paid Sick Leave

Today you’ll learn about how children raised by same sex couples are just as healthy as other kids, how face blindness might be way more common than we think, and how paid sick leave i

ancient brain surgery d heart supermassive black hole
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Ancient Brain Surgery, 3D Heart, Supermassive Black Hole

Today you’ll learn about how archaeologists have found evidence of brain surgery from the Bronze era in the Middle East, how 3D-printed hearts are becoming closer to a reality than ever before, and th

infant common sense depression posture
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Infant Common Sense, Depression Posture

Today we discuss how infants beat out AI when it comes to common sense, how fruit flies’ use of can teach about humans, and what depression has to do with your posture.Infant Common S

one drop robot malaria forecast naked mole rat fertility
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One Drop Robot, Malaria Forecast, Naked Mole Rat Fertility

Today you’ll learn about a robot with the ability to pick up a single drop of water, how scientists have created a computer algorithm that can predict Malaria hotspots, and what naked mole rats have t

ai animal translator big old galaxies inner inner core
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AI Animal Translator, Big Old Galaxies, Inner Inner Core

Today you’ll learn about how scientists are using AI to talk to animals, the discovery of new, very big, very old candidate galaxies, and how there just may be an extra layer in the earth’s inner core

school sleep ancient runestone postpartum depression pill
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School Sleep, Ancient Runestone, Postpartum Depression Pill

Today we discuss how early morning classes at universities could be leading to poor academic performance, how scientists uncovered the world’s oldest runestone, and a new breakthrough treatment in pos

male contraceptive winter snooze whale fight songs
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Male Contraceptive, Winter Snooze, Whale Fight Songs

Today you’ll learn about how scientists are developing a form of birth control for men, why humans need more sleep during the winter, and how whales are giving up singing their love songs in favor of

poseidon temple time to exercise queen scots letters
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Poseidon Temple, Time to Exercise, Queen of Scots Letters

Today we discuss how the lost temple of Poseidon may have been discovered, how our circadian rhythms show what time of day is best to exercise, and how researchers decoded a stack of letters written b

moon dust mammal groups roman sex toy
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Moon Dust, Mammal Groups, Roman Sex Toy

Today we discuss whether or not firing a gun filled with moon dust into space could cool down the planet, how animals that live in social groups usually live longer than solitary creatures, and a sauc

fingerprint formation i love this song ancient tools
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Fingerprint Formation, I Love This Song, Ancient Tools

Today you’ll learn about new treatments the wealthy are using to try and stay young forever, the cultural and social evolution of the word please, and how the snap fit mechanism used in things like le3


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