Episode 275| YOGA FOR EVERYONE. with Christa Kuberry

How You Can Live a Better Life with Yoga with Dr. Christa Kuberry Yoga has been around for thousands of years. Most of us probably started practicing it by exercising in mind. But as we go on, we real


Before You Teach Your Next Yoga Class, Do This..

Last week, Jason shared what to do when you feel like you've taught the worst yoga class of your life. This week, he’s sharing a few tips for getting in the right headspace before you teach so that yo


Diving Deep into the Money of Yoga with Chioma Njoku

This week on the podcast, I am re-joined by Chioma Njoku from The Mindful Bookkeeper! On this episode, Chioma and I dive deep into the money side of yoga once again. We talk about what Chioma has been


Nikki Vilella - Adjustments in the Evolution of Yoga

Nikki Vilella, senior teacher and co-owner at NYC's Kula Yoga Project, speaks for herself after being mentioned on the show regarding touch and consent in yoga classes. They reminisce about the early


Shifting From Limbic to Liberating Intention (2020-01-15)

Shifting From Limbic to Liberating Intention (2020-01-15) - Becoming conscious of our intentions is the first step to truly aligning our life with our heart. This talk explores identifying when we are


How To Stick To Healthy Habits and De-Clutter Your Life with Gretchen Rubin

Are you struggling to cultivate the habits that you intended to create in the New Year, or do you find it hard to create and stick to healthy habits in general? Maybe you just haven’t found the method


Meditation: Coming Home with the Breath (2020-01-15)

Meditation: Coming Home with the Breath - This guided practice has a short period of relaxing the body, and establishes the breath as a home base for attention. We practice arriving again and again, d


Ruby Sales – Where Does it Hurt?

Civil rights legend Ruby Sales learned to ask “Where does it hurt?” because it’s a question that drives to the heart of the matter — and a question we scarcely know how to ask in public life now. Sale


How to Survive Teaching the Worst Yoga Class Ever

All yoga teachers have their off days. Even those who are as experienced as Jason. This week, Jason’s back on the podcast to share his insights on how to recover from those times when a yoga class you


Anastasia Shevchenko on the First Berlin Yoga Conference

This week on the podcast I am re-joined by Anastasia Shevchenko. The last time Anastasia and I chatted was May of 2018 before she hosted the first ever Berlin Yoga Conference. Now, over a year and a h

J Talks About Christie Roe and Mark Whitwell

J Talks About Christie Roe and Mark Whitwell


The Three Refuges - Gateways to Belonging and Freedom (2020-01-08)

The Three Refuges - Gateways to Belonging and Freedom (2020-01-08) - We all need ways to guide our attention that allow us to find wisdom, love and freedom in the midst of our lives. This talk reviews


Episode 274| TOOLS FOR LIVING. with Dr. Dain Heer

My name is Dain Heerand I’m so glad you’re taking the time todiscoverwhat else is possible for you. I don’t have any answers for you though, just questions. What is true for you? The past seventeen y


How To Manifest from a Place of Ease

As we move deeper into the new decade, we have a chance to shift our lives and choose goals to work toward. This year, can you break down your intentions so that you have the ability to live a simpler


Meditation: Relaxed and Awake (2020-01-08)

Meditation: Relaxed and Awake - This guided meditation helps us find ease and wakefulness in our body and mind. With the breath as our home base, we offer a gentle and full attention to the changing w


Joe Henry — Welcoming Flies at the Picnic

Joe Henry faced his mortality in 2018 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and told he might only have months to live. Now in remission, the and producer has created a


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