three skills for staying calm sane open in chaotic world krista interviewed by da
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Three Skills for Staying Calm, Sane, and Open in a Chaotic World | Krista interviewed by Da

From Krista: I loved being interviewed by Dan Harris as much as I've ever enjoyed being on the other side of the microphone (as the saying goes). He drew things out of me I didn't know I had to say. A

latanya sweeney on shaping technology to human purpose
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Latanya Sweeney — On Shaping Technology to Human Purpose

You may not know Latanya Sweeney's name, but as much as any other single person —and with good humor and grace as well as brilliance — she has led on the frontier of our gradual understanding of how f

unedited latanya sweeney krista tippett
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[Unedited] Latanya Sweeney with Krista Tippett

You may not know Latanya Sweeney's name, but as much as any other single person —and with good humor and grace as well as brilliance — she has led on the frontier of our gradual understanding of how f

matthew sanford bodys grace
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Matthew Sanford – The Body's Grace

A wondrous, buried treasure from the 20-year On Being archive, with renowned yoga teacher Matthew Sanford. Be prepared, as you listen to what follows, to take in subtleties and gracefulness you've nev

building resilience yoga for immune health lisa walford
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Building Resilience: Yoga for Immune Health with Lisa Walford

Fall doesn't just mean pumpkin spice lattes. It means that you will likely start to hear a cacophony of sniffles and coughs when you're ordering said pumpkin spice latte -- or wherever you go. It's a

baratunde thurston how to be social creative
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Baratunde Thurston — How to Be a Social Creative

Baratunde Thurston is a comedian, writer, and media entrepreneur. He has eyes open to the strangeness, and beauty of being human. He looks for learning happening even amidst our hardes

birthday week how to know youre in place youre meant to be
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Birthday Week: How To Know You’re In The Place You’re Meant To Be

This week’s episode is a special one: it’s Rachel’s birthday week! With some big feelings in her heart, she reflects on the past couple of years and how her life has played out. Going from working non

from ted radio hour body electric
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From the TED Radio Hour | Body Electric

Hello my fellow suffering human beings! I’ve got something very special for you. My friend, Manoush Zomorodi – host of TED Radio Hour from NPR – has been working on a special series called Body Electr

best inversions for beginners
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The Best Inversions for Beginners

Inversions can be fun, empowering, and -- if they are introduced thoughtfully and On this episode, Jason walks through how to introduce four key inversions to beginne

reid hoffman ai what it means to be more human
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Reid Hoffman — AI, and What It Means to Be (More) Human

In this season of On Being and those to come, we are going to train the core human questions on the emerging “generative AI.” Beyond the hype and the doom, what is this new technology calling us to as

comedian sarah cooper on humiliation perfectionism taking chances
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Comedian Sarah Cooper On: Humiliation, Perfectionism, and Taking Chances

VOTE for us in the Signal Health & Wellness & Self-Help PodcastShe also roasts me mercilessly. This one's really fun.Sarah

a heart centered approach to niching nyk danu
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A Heart-Centered Approach to Niching with Nyk Danu

This week on the podcast we are joined by Nyk Danu! Nyk is a certified Yoga therapist, who's specialty is back pain and anxiety relief. She is a Yin Yoga teacher trainer and Yoga business mentor with

naomi klein on how to stay sane in an increasingly warped online world
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Naomi Klein on How To Stay Sane In An Increasingly Warped Online World

*** It's not too late to register for our live (or livestream) Meditation party Oct 13-15 — sign up here!***Klein goes down the rabbit hole after learning she has a digital doppelgänger who has g

bobbi paidel guru relationships timeless wisdom
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Bobbi Paidel - Guru Relationships and Timeless Wisdom

Bobbi Paidel, founder of Tribe of Lambs and host of A Curious Yogi Podcast, talks with J about having a guru and what it means to live the principles of yoga. They discuss how a cattle ranchers daught

ask rachel repairing relationships quieting inner critic returning to love
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Ask Rachel: Repairing Relationships, Quieting the Inner Critic, and Returning to Love

Ask Rachel: Repairing Relationships, Quieting the Inner Critic, and Returning to LoveWelcome to another segment of Ask Rachel. On today’s episode, Rachel takes a wide variety of heartfelt and vulnerab

a meditation for social anxiety bonus meditation la sarmiento
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A Meditation for Social Anxiety | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

We’re all a little socially awkward. Learn to be gentle with yourself in stressful situations to reduce your social anxiety over time.About La Sarmiento:La Sarmiento (they/them) is a mentor for the MI

kerry washington acting as devotional practice
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Kerry Washington — Acting as a Devotional Practice

“Becoming other people” for a living, as Kerry Washington likes to describe her craft, turns out to be a revelatory lens on the high drama that is the human condition. As a “learning actor,” a kind of

awakening from trance of
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Awakening from the Trance of

Awakening from the Trance of - At the core of our suffering is our universal human predicament: an illusion that we are a separate self. This talk explores how this identification a

meditation continuous space suffused awareness
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Meditation: Continuous Space Suffused with Awareness

Meditation: Continuous Space Suffused with Awareness - By learning to inhabit the body, we discover the space and aliveness that fills the universe. In this meditation we are guided through the body,

crafting career as yoga teacher neeti narula
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Crafting a Career as a Yoga Teacher with Neeti Narula

Carving out a place for yourself as a yoga teacher is no easy task. It was such a treat to have Neeti Narula on the show to hear how she has done it. Neeti is an NYC-based yoga and med

comedian aparna nancherla on impostor syndrome anger social anxiety stage fright
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Comedian Aparna Nancherla on: Impostor Syndrome, Anger, Social Anxiety, and Stage Fright

Aparna Nancherla is a writer, stand-up comedian, and actor. Her new book is Unreliable Narrator: Me, Myself and Impostor Syndrome. You can hear Aparna as the voice of Moon on Fox’s The Great North, or

ep process awakening
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Ep. 235 – The Process of Awakening

In this recording from 1976, Ram Dass explores the process of awakening and becoming enlightened. Featuring a musical interlude from Krishna Das and an introduction from Raghu Markus.This episode is a

studio ownership developing an mindset jackie murphy
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Studio Ownership & Developing an Mindset with Jackie Murphy

This week on the podcast I am joined by Jackie Murphy. A decade before she was the host of the Yoga Boss podcast, Jackie learned the hard way that being a talented yoga teacher wasn’t enough to build

delight joy are survival mechanisms acts resistance ross gay
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Delight and Joy Are Survival Mechanisms and Acts of Resistance | Ross Gay

How rethinking these often twee concepts can change your life and maybe the Gay is the author of four books of poetry: Against Which; Bringing the Shovel Down; Be Holding, winner of t

rod stryker knowledge power devotion
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Rod Stryker - Knowledge, Power and Devotion

Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga, talks with J about the formative events that shaped yoga becoming part of popular culture and the spiritual underpinnings that call it into question. They discuss Yog

bonus science attraction dating as conscious person sahara rose rosie
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BONUS. The Science of Attraction + Dating as a Conscious Person with Sahara Rose and Rosie

(17:43) “Every choice that you make is either getting you further towards alignment or further away from alignment” -- Rosie AcostaNoticing that the type of people you’re attracted to has changed rece

how to create sustainable self care routine
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How to Create a Sustainable Self-Care Routine

As we know, life with a new baby often means the mother’s wellbeing gets left behind. So much of our lives are focused solely on our little one! But in this episode, Rachel shares a big revelation she

a meditation you can do literally anywhere anytime bonus meditation jay michaelson
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A Meditation You Can Do Literally Anywhere, Anytime | Bonus Meditation with Jay Michaelson

You don’t have to slow down and sit to be mindful. You can be busy and get things done while still growing your mindfulness muscles.About Jay Michaelson:Dr. Jay Michaelson is a Senior Content Strategi

saying yes part conversation tara brach jane hirshfield
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Saying Yes (Part 2): A Conversation with Tara Brach & Jane Hirshfield

Saying Yes (Part 2): A Conversation with Tara Brach & Jane Hirshfield - In this rich and full two-part interview, Tara speaks with renowned poet Jane Hirshfield about the interface between poetry and

kate bowler on being in body
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Kate Bowler — On Being in a Body

We love the theologian Kate Bowler's allergy to every platitude and her wisdom and wit about the strange and messy fullness of what it means to be in a human body. She's best known for her 2018 book E

kate bowler blessing for life you didnt choose
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Kate Bowler — A Blessing for the Life You Didn't Choose

This blessing is featured in Kate’s conversation with Krista, “On Being in a Body.” It's published in her book The Lives We Actually Have: 100 Blessings for Imperfect Days.Kate Bowler's beloved books

meditation opening to flow
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Meditation: Opening to the Flow

You may not know Latanya Sweeney's name, but as much as any other single person —and with good humor and grace as well as brilliance — she has led on the frontier of our gradual understanding of how f3


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