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truecrime sub of the day


Episode 361: The Devils of Loudun Part II - And That's a Promise

On the conclusion to our series on the Devils of Loudun, we get into the witch trial of Urbain Grandier and the horrific torture that he endured in the lead up to his execution. Get started with Hims


MFM Minisode 119

This week’s hometowns include a therapist stalker and a murderous DJ. 


E049 - Listener Quickie: Unicorn Thief

In Episode 49 of Florida Men: The Podcast,Joel and Phil get a quickie from a listener. No, it's not a Florida Man, but it might as well be. Thanks to Roxanne for the story submission! Baltimore Man Dr


169 - This Old Sandwich

Karen and Georgia cover the Power Rangers Murder(s) and the murder of Denise Huber.

space sub of the day


The Heroes Behind the Heroes

In this special edition of the podcast, the voices of the people who saved a piece of American spaceflight history tell the tale of reviving an obsolete piece of audio equipment that was vital to digi


532-Teddy's Debut

On a recent training night with Teddy Pruyne at the controls of our 60 inch telescope on Mt. Lemmon, Arizona, this duo discovered six new Earth Approaching Objects, an inner main belt asteroid, and re

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 8, Engineering NASA’s Science Missions Joe Gasbarre, NASA Science Mission Directorate Chief Engineer, discusses the engineering side of science missions.

Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Episode 8, Engineering NASA’s Science Missions

Joe Gasbarre, NASA Science Mission Directorate Chief Engineer, discusses the engineering side of science missions.


20E-32-A Peanut Shaped Asteroid with a Moon

It appears that Hektor and its moon were created by a collision between two icy asteroids early in the 4.5 billion year history of our solar system when things were more chaotic. They happened to land

occult sub of the day


21.15 – MU Podcast

What happens when you let an ET drive your car or go to a nightclub with them? We find out on this episode as we discuss an incredibly unusual Scandinavian UFO encounter. Then in our Plus+ extension w


WT: Sea-Mammoths?

It's tax day. What would a future with minimum basic income do to deal with taxes in a world of abundance? A case for Brick and Bri Bri. Wooly mammoths back to life (kinda)! Got something weird? Email


Monster Madness (2019) Ep5: Finals

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here!Who will be crowned the 2019 Monster Madness Champion?We've got 4 cryptids that will do battle in the semi finals, then we let those winners go head


127. Sandor Katz in “A Live & Active Culture” // The Art & Alchemy of Fermentation & the Wa

Sandor Katz in the house to talk to us a bit about the art and alchemy of fermentation. Sandor is a New York Times bestselling author. His books include Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation,

crypto sub of the day


e64: REX is Coming, Asset-Backed Stablecoins on Mainnet, and a Major LiquidApps Update!

Rob Finch and Zack Gall celebrate the passing of the EOS User Agreement before discussing REX, Equilibrium (EOSDT), a new EOS New York proposal, a major update on the DAPP Network, and more!Sign up fo


Thriller Coin Talk - S2EP 33: Bittrex’s Application for a BitLicense

Car discusses the news of Bittrex’s attempt to get a BitLicense in New York and why it was rejected by the NYDFS. Support the Show: • Crypto Donations: bit.ly/TCrypto • Coinbase Affiliate: bit.ly/TH


Viktor Radchenko Founder, Trust Wallet Binance

Mass crypto adoption will take place when it become simple and easy to buy, sell and store tokens. Viktor Radchenko, founder of Trust Wallet, intends to play a role in making this happen.Now owned by


The Crypto Show: Rob Hustle Kickin Ass At Festivals With His New Short Film The Inconvenien

Rob Hustle AKA Rob Capili known for his multi million viewed YouTube hit Call The Cops has a new film short The Inconvenient House Guest which has won multiple awards at film fest's around the cou

futurology sub of the day


102. Resetting Governments and Getting a New Deal on Democracy and Market-Driven Dystopian

Robin an associate professor of economics at George Mason University, and research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University with a doctorate in social


Episode 85: A Conversation with Ilya Sutskever

In this episode, Byron and Ilya Sutskever of Open AI talk about the future of general intelligence and the ramifications of building a computer smarter than us.


Andreas Antonopoulos: Just because you don’t need bitcoin, doesn’t mean it’s not needed.

I first met Andreas Antonopoulos at the 2014 Bitcoin Expo conference in Toronto, Canada. At that time Andreas was already established as the most publicly recognized expert in the field of crypto-curr


101. Engineering the Economy Out of Its Debt Fueled Destructive Spiral and Towards a Sustai

Jarl is an inventor, entrepreneur and best selling author. He served as President and CEO of EuroMed, Inc. from 2004 to 2009, has nine issued patents, with many more pending for me