carthage empire phoenicians
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17. Carthage - Empire Of The Phoenicians

Buried beneath the city streets of the Tunisian capital of Tunis, an ancient city lies forgotten...In this episode, we look at one of the most dramatic stories to come down to us from the ancient worl

bagan city temples
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16. Bagan - City Of Temples

In the lowlands of Burma lie the remains of thousands of crumbling temples...In this episode, we tell one of the most colourful stories of civilizational survival: the story of the Bagan Empire of Mya

nabataeans final days petra
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15. The Nabataeans - The Final Days Of Petra

In the deserts of Jordan, a city lies hidden for centuries in a valley of rose-red stone...In this episode, we look at one of the most peculiar stories of civilizational survival to come down to us fr

vijayanagara last emperors south india
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14. Vijayanagara - The Last Emperors Of South India

On the rocky banks of South India's Tungabhadra River, an enormous ruined city lies crumbling...In this episode, we look at the Vijayanagara Empire of Southern India, a civilization that has all but f

assyrians empire iron
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13. The Assyrians - Empire of Iron

In the lowlands of Northern Iraq, a series of enormous cities lies crumbling in ruins...In this episode, find out about one of the most remarkable ancient civilizations: the society known today as the

inca cities in cloud
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12. The Inca - Cities in the Cloud

High up on the craggy peaks of the Urubamba Canyon, a lost city lies wreathed in cloud...In this episode, we explore the mountains of the Andes, and tell the story of the Inca Empire. Find out how the

ep face off
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Ep 107 – Face Off

Episode 107 - Face OffWe're back with more discussions about facial recognition and the draconian world we're quickly building. Updating our previous discussion with new information out Clearview AI

ep human nature
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Ep 106 – Human Nature

Episode 106 - Human NatureThis week we get back to the basics with an episode about climate change and the many people waking up to it. Join us as we explore everything from a new European report on

ep schools out
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Ep 105 – School's Out

Episode 105 - School's OutFriend of the podcast Moriah sits down with us to discuss life as a grad student during the pandemic. Then, we dive into Wendell Berry, a brief history of the start of some

ep this land is my land
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Ep 104 – This Land Is My Land

Episode 104 - This Land Is My LandYou might be surprised how much our cities and streets are designed to keep people out. From spikes on sidewalks, baby shark music in our parks, to gates, buzzers,

ep minimum justice
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Ep 103 – Minimum Justice

Episode 103 - Minimum minimums, three strike rules, and other similar laws were created to strengthen the justice system and make us safer - but have they done the opposite? This

ep then now next
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Ep 102 – The Then, The Now, and The Next

Episode 102 - The Then, The Now, and The NextWe've been away for a while and this episode exists to fill in the gap. Catch up with us as we discuss what we've been up to, a small state of the world,

byzantium last romans
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11. Byzantium - Last of the Romans

On the outskirts of modern Istanbul, a line of ancient walls lies crumbling into the earth...In this episode, we look at one of history’s most incredible stories of survival - the thousand-year epic o

ep collapse chat we didnt start fire
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Ep 101 – Collapse Chat: We Didn't Start the Fire

Episode 101 - We Didn't Start the FireJack from Uni Students for Climate Justice joins us to discuss the bushfires in Australia, some of the resulting political and economic fallout and ways to resp

ep one hundred years ashes
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Ep 100 – One Hundred Years of Ashes

Episode 100 - One Hundred Years of AshesWe're incredibly lucky to spend this week celebrating our 100th episode with all of you. Looking back at all the episodes we've recorded, the many systemic th

ep collapse chat border patrol catch covid
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Ep 99 – Collapse Chat: Border Patrol Catch COVID-19

Episode 99 - Collapse Chat: Border Patrol Catch COVID-19It's time for another chat show as David and Daniel review more bad news // from the border involving a recent Supreme Court decision // which

ep water world spoiler not so good
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Ep 98 – Water World (Spoiler: Not So Good)

Episode 98 - Water World (Spoiler: Not So Good)The latest IPCC report details observed effects of climate change on the ocean and cryosphere (really really cold places), which are altering the envir

chinas han dynasty first empire in flames
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10. China's Han Dynasty - The First Empire in Flames

A city in ruins. A dynasty in tatters. An empire in ashes...This episode, we look at the remarkable story of the first empire of ancient China, the Han dynasty. With ancient Chinese poetry, songs and

ep collapse chat borders fires viruses cannibalism
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Ep 97 – Collapse Chat: Borders, Fires, Viruses, and Cannibalism

Episode 97 - Collapse Chat: Borders, Fires, Viruses, and published our big border show and now take a chance to reflect on the production (and why it took so long) as we ease back i

ep walls that divide us
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Ep 96 – Walls That Divide U.S.

Episode 96 - Walls That Divide U.S.There is a crisis at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Global forces of climate change, development and war conspire in a deadly feedback loop of human suffe

aztecs clash worlds
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9. The Aztecs - A Clash of Worlds

Beneath the busy streets of Mexico City, a buried god lies waiting to be episode, we look back at the age of the Aztecs. Learn how this society grew from nothing to create one of the

sumerians fall first cities
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8. The Sumerians - Fall of the First Cities

In the dusts of Iraq, the ruins of the world's first civilization lie buried. This episode, we travel into the extremely distant past to look at the Sumerians. These ancient people invented writing an

ep collapse chat entrepreneurs social science
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Ep 95 – Collapse Chat: Entrepreneurs and Social Science

Episode 95 - Collapse Chat: Entrepreneurs and Social ScienceA real silviculturist provides inputs on last week's show // David provides first-hand knowledge of essential bathroom up

ep if tree falls
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Ep 94 – If a Tree Falls

Episode 94 - If a Tree FallsWe're missing the forest and the trees. Not only has logging exploded in recent years, but it is has done so often in the explicit name of sustainability and green energy

ep collapse chat birds vindictive climate cinnamon toast crunch
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Ep 93 – Collapse Chat: Birds, Vindictive Climate, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Episode 93 - Collapse Chat: Birds, Vindictive Climate, and Cinnamon Toast CrunchYou asked for topic updates so we deliver. Bird populations are not doing well in North America and researchers are sh

ep good heavens
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Ep 92 – Good Heavens

Episode 92 - Good HeavensIn 1967 the world witnessed the signing of the Outer Space Treaty, and now over 100 countries have joined the international agreement to declare space as the province of al

ep collapse chat name shame community re imaginings
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Ep 91 – Collapse Chat: Name and Shame, Community, and Re-Imaginings

Episode 91 - Collapse Chat: Name and Shame, Community, and another chat episode as we take a break between deep dives and this week we explore in more depth some of the experiences

ep grave situation
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Ep 90 – A Grave Situation

Episode 90 - A Grave SituationOver 100 billion people have died on this planet and been laid to rest through countless burial traditions and customs, and while a majority of these passings simply re

songhai empire africas age gold
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7. The Songhai Empire - Africa's Age of Gold

Today, the Songhai Empire is all but forgotten by history. But this medieval kingdom was once the most powerful force in Africa.Find out how this civilization grew up on the fringes of the Sahara Dese

ep collapse chat banality good evil
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Ep 89 – Collapse Chat: Banality, Good, and Evil

Episode 89 - Collapse Chat: Banality, Good, and EvilAnother week, another collapse chat! This week we explore bullshit jobs through a listener email, dive into the upcoming Earth Strike event throug

ep this land is our land
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Ep 88 – This Land is Our Land

Episode 88 - This Land is Our LandThe IPCC released their special report Climate Change and Land to examine how human-led land use change is contributing to global warming irrespective of our dire

ep collapse chat on border
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Ep 87 – Collapse Chat: On the Border

In the deserts of Jordan, a city lies hidden for centuries in a valley of rose-red stone...In this episode, we look at one of the most peculiar stories of civilizational survival to come down to us fr3


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