Ep 79b - Death Dealers - Part II

Episode 79b - Death Dealers Part IIPart II of Ep 79 - Death of Death. War Profiteers. Death Dealers. These are the people who fan the flames of war to transmute human suffering into


Ep 79 - Death Dealers

Episode 79 - Death of Death. War Profiteers. Death Dealers. These are the people who fan the flames of war to transmute human suffering into profit. They play one nation against ano


Ep 78 - Grounded

Episode 78 - deregulation of the Airline industry in 1978 brought big changes to air travel. Lower prices, more routes, and consolidation of the market allowed for regional hub-and-


Ep 77 - Coping with Collapse

Episode 77 - Coping with of the systemic threats to our world comes at a cost. Often, that cost includes feelings of isolation, existential dread, depression, shock, and other unco


Ep 76 - Self-made

Episode 76 - Self-madeFor once we thought it would be nice to look at a culture of building things up, rather than the slow collapse of everything around us that we normally discuss. We find this cu


Ep 75 - Business. School.

Episode 75 - Business. School.The past few decades has seen explosive growth in the number of universities around the world, but it may not be for the noble reasons we would like. Decreased public f


Episode 74 - Eco-lapse

Episode 74 - Eco-lapseThe IPBES Global Assessment summary is out and we're digging in to all 39 pages this week. The report lays out a grim picture of our current world in terms of life on earth, th


Ep 73 - Tear Up, Tear Down

Episode 73 - Tear Up, Tear DownProtests around the world in 2011 gave riot-gear dealers a three-fold increase in sales of tear gas. In 2013, Turkey used up an entire year's supply of tear gas in jus


5. The Khmer Empire - Fall of the God Kings

Deep in the Cambodian Jungle, a ruined city crumbles among the roots of banyan trees. In this episode, we look at the Khmer Empire of medieval Cambodia, and the ancient mega-city of Angkor. I want to



BONUS EPISODE (there is no episode)Well we fucked up and here we are without an episode (it would've been really great, we swear). We didn't want to leave our loyal listeners hanging, so we put someth


Ep 71 - The Mean, Big Green, Corporate Machine

Episode 71 - The Mean, Big Green, Corporate MachineThe world may be burning, but more and more companies are giving us green alternatives to our favorite products so we can continue to shop and cons


Ep 70 - Thinner Ice

Episode 70 - Thinner IceNew reports find the Arctic to be the warmest it's been in millennia, and complex feedback loops mean this warming could continue unabated for decades to come. While the Arct


Ep 69 - Rent Seekers

Episode 69 - Rent SeekersHalf of America's poor pay at least 50% of their income on rent, while a quarter of them pay over 70%, and this trend is worsening as the number of affordable housing units


Ep 68 - Mask Off

Episode 68 - Mask OffHalf of all US Citizens have their faces in a database that can be searched by software, and the slow creep of surveillance technology means more of us are being


Ep 67 - Collapse Chat: So Long and Thanks for All the Surveillance

Episode 67 - Collapse Chat: So Long and Thanks for All the week we're trying a new format for periodic updates. Daniel, David, and Moriah King all sit down together to discuss a han


4. The Greenland Vikings - Land of the Midnight Sun

One of the most unlikely tales of a society’s fall is the incredible saga of the Vikings of Greenland. Find out how these European settlers built a society on the farthest edge of their world, and sur


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