Ep 66 - Trash Talk

Episode 66 - Trash TalkThe world is garbage and we're talking trash in this week's episode. What really happens when you throw something away? Is recycling as green as we think it is? Just how much


Ep 65 - Above the Paving Stones, the Desert

Episode 65 - Above the Paving Stones, the of Spain is at risk of permanent The cold and wet country of Iceland holds half of all Europe's deserts. China's Gobi Dese


Ep 64 - Sweet Re-Release

Episode 64 - Sweet Re-ReleaseIt's natural, it's delicious, it's everywhere, and it may be killing us. For years, sugar has been overlooked as a serious detriment to our health because of the manipul


Ep 63 - Busy Work

Episode 63 - Busy WorkSome 37% of workers believe their jobs are pointless, and if we include the jobs that exist to serve those pointless jobs in some way, it's possible that half of the jobs in ou


Ep 62 - Separate Ways

Episode 62 - Separate WaysA global epedimic of loneliness is spreading rapidly. 20% of the UK population claims to be always or often lonely, 3 out of 4 people fin the US are affected by loneliness,


Owning Change

Episode 61 - Owning ChangeIn an age of global disparity and inequity, billionaire (dead and alive) are stepping up to the plate with powerful foundations and acts of charitable givin


3. The Mayan Collapse - Ruins Among the Trees

In the tropical forests of Central America, vast stone pyramids slowly crumble beneath the trees.In this episode, we look at that great romantic mystery: the fall of the Classic Maya Civilization. Fin


Drawn Apart

Episode 60 - Drawn but they define our world. Borders are the lines that limit us as we live our lives and as we increasingly feel the frictions they cause, it brought us to wonder:


Bankrupt Ethics

Episode 59 - Bankrupt EthicsAfter the US government shutdown of 2018-2019 witheld two paychecks from 800,000 federal workers and countless more contractors and businesses, and with US officials enco


Ep 58 - Renewable Problems

Episode 58 - Renewable ProblemsWith the deadline for keeping global warming below 1.5C quickly approaching (at least according to the extremely optimistic IPCC calculations - and we know how we feel


Do No Harm

Episode 57 - Do No HarmBy now we are used to the idea that every action we take in the world is tracked, but what happens when that all-pervasive panopticon is turned inside each and every one of us


Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach

Episode 56 - Beneath the Paving Stones, the BeachBeneath our paving stones, paved roads, walls, windows, computers, industry, and more, is a collection of hard material no larger than a speck. Sand


What We Can Do

Episode 55 - What We Can DoIt's a new year and perfect time for reflection, resolutions, and hope for something better. This special episode features both Daniel and David explaining what they work


Golden Age

Episode 54 - Golden Age: A Pirate's LifeMuch maligned by history, they nevertheless hold a special place in culture and our hearts. This week we're discussing all things pirates. What drove these me


Welfare Titans

Episode 53 - Welfare TitansAmazon created competition between cities to land its HQ2 location, along with hefty tax subsidy packages. While this process garnered significant media attention, busines

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