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Episode 17 He's Able

Music was often peoples first, and last impression of Peoples Temple. From the moment you walked into a temple service, the music created a certain atmosphere. The voices of the choir lifted the spiri

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Episode 313: Bikram Yoga

In this episode, we discuss:* What drew her to yoga* What it costs to do the 2 month intensive* What happens at the 2 month intensive* Why vegans began to eat burgers* Why white instructors spoke in p

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Episode 312: The Salvation Army

In this episode, we discuss:What are the core beliefs of the Salvation Army?Is it really organized like a Military?What are services like for kids?What is the leadership path like?What kinds of ceremo

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Episode 311: Growing up LDS

In this episode, we discuss:What kinds of demands are put on children in the church from an early ageHow activities were sex segregatedWhat rules her parents followedWhat happens to children of divorc

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Episode 310: Jehovahs Witnesses and Growing Up

My guest joins me to discuss:Being born into the WitnessesWhat Jehovah's Witnesses believe about parentingWhat her mother believed about parentingWhat an average week looks like for a Jehovah's Witnes

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Episode 16 MK United

History will remember Jim Jones as a notorious cult leader who betrayed his followers trust and orchestrated their deaths. Join us as we examine the fabric of his ideals and beliefs stained by the blo

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Episode 15 The Nuclear Family

Irrational fear opens the floodgates of our imaginations unleashing upon ourselves the monsters and demons we let live in our subconscious. In 1962 Jim Jones leaves his church in Indiana behind to tra

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Episode 14 Evangelical Profit

I believe in Jim Jones. Many of you have seen the photograph. An elderly woman dressed in her Sunday best with a resolute, if not revolutionary sparkle in her eye. But what did Jim Jones believe? Jim

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Episode 309: Church of Christ

In this episode, we discuss:How the Church of Christ differs from 'mainstream' her parents, wanting her to have some religious education, inadvertently changed her trajectory in lifeWh

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Episode 13 God's Highway

Welcome back. All this time I was searching for the truth, I ignored the psychedelic elephant in the room. Former members of the temple, the survivors, have as many questions about what happened in Jo

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Episode 308: Conspiracy Theories

Subscribe to Right Richter here: Will on The Daily Beast: Sommer has been covering conspiracy theories since the inception of P

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Episode 307: The Human Potential Movement

In this episode we discuss:What was Esalen?How did the Human Potential Movement begin?What made the Human Potential Movement so groups sprung out of that movement?Which forms of untest

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Episode 306: Gender Critical Movement

In this episode, we discuss:What is the Gender Critical movement?What are the fundamental beliefs vs what they claim the beliefs are?Where did my guest find out about Gender Criticism?Are most of the

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Episode 305: Men's Rights Activists

In this episode, we discuss:How someone finds MRAs onlineWhere the most active members hang outWhat kind of moderation MRA forums have Can you see people being radicalized in real time?What drove my g

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Episode 304: Independent Fundamental Baptists

On this episode, we discuss:What it's like growing up with a fire and brimstone church at the center of your lifeWhat kinds of topics were taught in Sunday home schoolingWhat a child


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