book launch edition i see you survivor liz
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Book Launch Edition: I See You Survivor with Liz

Generation Cult is dropping back in with a bonus edition to celebrate today's launch of Liz Ianelli's new book called I See You, Survivor: Life Inside (and Outside) the Totally F*cked-Up Troubled Tee

ep tween marriage culture polygamy tamara
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Ep. 14: Tween Marriage and the Culture of Polygamy with Tamara

Tamara grew up in a Sufi polygamist organization in the US and England. Her father joined the group when she was 5 and she soon found herself torn between a somewhat normal life with her mother and

ep declared evil rhonda
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Ep. 13: Declared Evil with Rhonda

Rhonda's parents joined the Holy Order of MANS (standing for Mysterian, Agape, Nous and Sophia in Greek, or mystery, love, mind and wisdom in English) when she was a year old. The San

ep searching for healthy community sarah
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Ep. 12: Searching for Healthy Community with Sarah

Sarah grew up in a bible-based group in Ohio with about 400 members, many of whom are related to her. She was sexually abused throughout her childhood, something she reported to leaders of her organiz

ep influence faith will
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Ep. 11: The Influence of Faith with Will

Will grew up devout in an evangelical community and attended Christian schools, camps and mission trips. His beliefs were so strong in his youth that he describes himself as becoming radicalized and i

ep cults courts carol
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Ep. 10: Cults and Courts with Carol

While listening to the stories on Generation Cult, do you ever wonder at what point people can take legal action against their abusers? Do you want to know what charges have been brought against coerc

bonus talking twelve tribes tim
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Bonus: Talking Twelve Tribes with Tim

****Bonus episode! Dhyana chats with Tim Elliott, host of the new podcast called Inside the Tribe, which takes a deep dive into controversial religious sect the Twelve Tribes. This short interview i

ep finding freedom from twelve tribes suvav
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Ep. 9: Finding Freedom from the Twelve Tribes with Suvav

Suvav grew up in the Twelve Tribes, a controversial religious organization founded in the 1970s that has since been accused of systemic child abuse, medical neglect, labor violations, arson, murder, a

ep end times conspiracy theories emily
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Ep. 8: End Times and Conspiracy Theories with Emily

Emily was raised on a secluded farm in the Midwest with her six siblings before her family moved to the Pacific Northwest. Her parents were convinced that the world was going to end in 2012 and taught

ep life after mormon trauma recovery jolyn
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Ep. 7: Life After Mormon and Trauma Recovery with Jolyn

Welcome back to Generation Cult and Happy New Year! We are kicking off 2023 with this episode about Jolyn, who grew up in the Mormon Church. While her experiences weren't as extreme as some of the oth

ep cog media part ii amy
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Ep. 6: The COG and the Media Part II with Amy

Welcome to Part II in our two-part series about the Children of God (aka the Family the infamous group created in the late 1960s that became known for the sexual exploitation of its me

ep cog media part i christina
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Ep. 5: The COG and the Media Part I with Christina

Christina grew up in the Children of God (aka The Family a group founded in 1968 by the late David Berg. As the organization grew, its members moved all over the world and were coerced

ep scientology confessionals chris
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Ep. 4: Scientology Confessionals with Chris

Chris, a former classmate of Dhyana and Ashlen in the Psychology of Coercive Control graduate program, grew up in Scientology. He stayed through adulthood, marrying another Scientologist, working for

ep weight loss coercive control megan
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Ep. 3: Weight Loss & Coercive Control with Megan

When Megan was young, her mom introduced her to Gwen Shamblin and her Weigh Down Workshop diet seminar. Gwen taught that God wanted them to be thin and helped Megan and her mom lose weight by cutting

ep denial dhyana
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Ep. 2: Denial with Dhyana

Want to know more about the host of Generation Cult? Join us as co-host Ashlen Hilliard interviews Dhyana Levey.

ep what is cult ashlen
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Ep. 1: What is a Cult? with Ashlen

Welcome to the first episode of Season 3! We are so excited to be back, and also thrilled to welcome Ashlen Hilliard as a co-host. Since you'll be hearing her voice throughout the new season, we wante

episode neurodiversity cults
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Episode 318: Neurodiversity and Cults

In this episode, we discuss:Why she found herself in a high demand groupHow she felt targeted racially and because she was decision making played into why she stayedWhat it was like

episode unification church
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Episode 317: Unification Church

In this episode, we discuss:* The basic beliefs of the Unification Church* What it's like for kids* What are the rules, and are they different by gender?* What is the companion book to the Bible that

episode cult city tours
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Episode 316: Cult City Tours

In this episode, we discuss:How much real estate the church owns in ClearwaterWhat the Scientologists do thereWhat happens when David Miscavige comes to townThe influence the church has over local pol

episode sunday service liars communion
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Episode 21 Sunday Service Liar's Communion

Jim Jones had a gift for recognizing and cultivating a person’s capacity for magical thinking or the belief that unrelated events are connected by invisible, supernatural threads. Those who followed J

episode sunday service leave room for holy ghost
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Episode 20 Sunday Service Leave Room for the Holy Ghost

The paranormal healing ministry drew new members into the movement with Jim Jones’ promises of supernatural support for the cause. The divine gifts physically drained him, he could feel people’s sickn

episode sunday service hands clasped
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Episode 19 Sunday Service Hands Clasped

Welcome to the Sunday Service, a 3-part immersive experience exploring Jim Jones’ paranormal ministry and the mystery of the nine gifts of the holy spirit. Your first visit to Peoples Temple will invo

episode matthew remski
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Episode 315: Matthew Remski

Matthew shares his wealth of knowledge in this week's episode and we discuss what the heck is.Find Matthew's podcast here: Matthew's website here: matthewrems

episode where theres smoke
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Episode 18 Where there's smoke

Denise was three years old when her family first joined the Peoples Temple. Like so many early childhood memories, obscured by the lenses of time or augmented by repeated viewings of the family photo

episode hes able
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Episode 17 He's Able

Music was often peoples first, and last impression of Peoples Temple. From the moment you walked into a temple service, the music created a certain atmosphere. The voices of the choir lifted the spiri

episode bikram yoga
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Episode 313: Bikram Yoga

In this episode, we discuss:* What drew her to yoga* What it costs to do the 2 month intensive* What happens at the 2 month intensive* Why vegans began to eat burgers* Why white instructors spoke in p

episode salvation army
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Episode 312: The Salvation Army

In this episode, we discuss:What are the core beliefs of the Salvation Army?Is it really organized like a Military?What are services like for kids?What is the leadership path like?What kinds of ceremo

episode growing up lds
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Episode 311: Growing up LDS

In this episode, we discuss:What kinds of demands are put on children in the church from an early ageHow activities were sex segregatedWhat rules her parents followedWhat happens to children of divorc

episode jehovahs witnesses growing up
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Episode 310: Jehovahs Witnesses and Growing Up

My guest joins me to discuss:Being born into the WitnessesWhat Jehovah's Witnesses believe about parentingWhat her mother believed about parentingWhat an average week looks like for a Jehovah's Witnes

episode mk united
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Episode 16 MK United

Jim Jones will be remembered as the notorious cult leader who betrayed his followers trust and orchestrated their deaths. Join us as we examine the fabric of his ideals and beliefs stained by the bloo

episode nuclear family
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Episode 15 The Nuclear Family

Rhonda's parents joined the Holy Order of MANS (standing for Mysterian, Agape, Nous and Sophia in Greek, or mystery, love, mind and wisdom in English) when she was a year old. The San3


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