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Episode 224: Acts 29: Part 1

Dana was looking for a way to heal after a relationship break up. What she found was a high demand group with some questionable ideas about personal this episode, we discuss:What is

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Episode 27: Jane & John Does

In Season 4, Kelly and Cyndi check out some interesting unsolved mysteries. They kick off this season with Jane and John Does including the unidentified bodies on Mount Everest and the Miami-Dade Coun

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Ep. 9: TM Redux

Do you remember Gina from Season 1? She discussed growing up in the Transcendental Meditation movement during the height of its guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's fame. Well, due to some pretty poor sound i

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Season 4 Trailer: Unsolved Mysteries

For Season 4, Kelly and Cyndi are delving into Unsolved Mysteries. They are super excited, and can't wait to share their stories with you.

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Episode 223: Toxic Workplaces

In this episode, we discuss:Some of the unusual requests made of him in the interviewHow forcing candidates to work for free set up a culture of precarcityWhat happened when he negotiated his salaryWh

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Episode 222: ISKCON (Hare Krishnas) Part 2

In Part 2, We discuss:What it's like to leave a group and a marriage at the same timeLeaving a group when you're not legally free to work inthe country where you liveHow having a son made Eric re-eval

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Episode 221: ISKCON (Hare Krishnas)

Eric joins me to discuss:How his family beng involved in an LGAT might have primed him to join ISKCON later in lifeWhat the belief system of ISKCON isHow restrictive the lifestyle can beWhy ISKCON is

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Ep. 8: The Cult Pseudo Identity

In this expert episode, we talk to Gillie, a and the director of the UK-based Hope Valley Counselling, which for the past 16 years has provided post-cult counseling to those recovering

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Episode 220: The LDS Church Part 2

In this episode, we discuss:The ways in which the Church operates like ScientologyThe pressure put on womenWhat makes Mormon marriages perilousWhat sealing isWhy if you're sealed to a man, you had bet

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Episode 219: The LDS Church

In this episode, Marie and I discuss:What do Mormons actually believe?What are the expectations put on every member of a Mormon Family?How are Mormon sons and Mormon daughters raised

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Ep. 7: Devastating Disconnections

When Aaron and his twin brother were 4, their mom joined Scientology. The boys grew up with the organization as a main focus in their lives. Their formal education ended after Aaron finished the seven

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Episode 218: Narcissists with W. Keith Campbell

In this episode, we discuss:What preconditions cause NarcissismHow to tell if you're dealing with a in the in as parentsWhat makes N

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Episode 26: Cults of Personality

In the final episode of season 3, Cyndi and Kelly take a gander at a couple of cults of personality. Cyndi looks into North Korea's cult surrounding the Kim family and Kelly takes a lighter look at ca

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Episode 217: Glynn Washington on Heaven's Gate

Glynn Washington and I discuss:Why he wanted to revisit Heaven's GateWhy there are people who are sad they missed their chance to join the departedWhat chilled him to his bone in the interview process

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Episode 25: Eastern Cults – Buddhafield & Quan Yin

This week, Kelly and Cyndi discuss the Eastern Cults of Buddhafield and Quan Yin and their offbeat leaders, Jamie Gomez and Ching Hai. Midrill Promo: Particularly Dangerous Situation

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Episode 216: XXXXXXX

The promise of Large Group Awareness Training is that it's a bootcamp for the mind. You can get a lot of therapeutic benefit out of just a few highly intense days.The problem is, LGATs have always b


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cults and new religious movements
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