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Episode 303: Zendik Farm

In this episode we discuss:What is an intentional community?What made Helen decide to join Zendik?What was it like moving in?What are the major beliefs of the group?What was the Zendik approach to sex

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Episode 302: The Inner Matrix

Guest Katie Mount joins me to discuss her time both studying The Inner Matrix and joining the company, working for its founder.In this episode, we discuss: What brought her to study The Inner Matrix W

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Episode 301: 60s Political Cults

In this episode, we explore 3 political cults: The Weather Underground, Ayn Rand's Determinists and The JOhn Birch Society

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Season 4: Demiworld Outtakes & Highlights

A huge thank you from Kelly and myself for making Demiworld such a fun romp. We have enjoyed 4 seasons of crazy crimes, strange tales, and mysterious events. But now with the lockdowns, finding time t

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Episode 33: Literary Mysteries

Cyndi and Kelly look at two literary mysteries in the seventh episode of season 4. Cyndi takes a deep dive into who the author of Shakespeare's plays really was, and Kelly examines the 11-day disappea

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Ep. 10: You Don't Have to Tell Them Anything

On the final episode of Generation Cult, we wrap up Season 2 with a conversation with Meghan, an ex-Jehovah's Witness. She left as a young adult when the mental anguish she experienced within the orga

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Episode 32: Maritime Mysteries

Episode 32 takes Kelly and Cyndi to the sea in maritime mysteries. Kelly takes a look at the bizarre case of Natalie Wood's drowning and Cyndi takes us to the air in the inexplicable case of the disap

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Episode 228: Conversion Therapy

In this episode, we discuss:How Matt got involved in a Facebook group that 'supported' men who wanted to overcome Same Sex AttractionHow groups recruit vulnerable men to join bootcampsWhat happens at

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Minisode: Ancient Mysteries We Didn’t Do

In the process of researching our episodes, we run along so many other great stories to tell, but most don't make the cut. Here are two historic mysteries that didn't make it into Demiworld's Ancient

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Episode 227: The Troubled Teen Industry

In this episode, we discuss:What kinds of kids get sent to these kinds of rules are there at these placesWhat kinds of punishments happenHow everyone is turned into a snitchWhat kinds

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Episode 31: Unsolved Heists

In the 5th episode of the 4th season, Kelly and Cyndi check out some unsolved heists: DB Cooper infamous hijacking and vanishing act, and the crazy world of high-dollar produce theft. Kelly: Unsolved

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Episode 30: Unsolved Murders

In this week's episode, Kelly and Cyndi tell two Unsolved Murders: the cold case of 24-year-old single mom Evelyn Hernandez and American outlaw and horse thief, Belle Starr.

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Episode 226: Robert Kelly

WARNING This episode contains frank discussion of emotional, physical and sexual abuse of minorsIn this episode, we discuss:How Jim became aware of the initial allegations against R KellyHow R Kelly t

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Episode 29: Ancient Mysteries

This week Kelly and Cyndi take a look at Ancient Mysteries with the Codex Gigas, also known as the Devils Bible and the South American Nazca Lines.

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Episode 225: Acts 29: Part 2

In this episode, we discuss:Why Dana quickly learned it's not ok to question thingsWhat happened when Dana chose a bible passage to discuss in groupWhat happened to a friend of hers who was asked to l

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Episode 28: Unsolved Disappearances

Join Cyndi and Kelly as they take a closer look at two unsolved Cyndi tries to crack the 400-year-old case of the missing colony of Roanoke and Kelly gives the lowdown on Solomon North


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