Good Coffee and Bad Coffee one of them is probably going to die soon.That's why you should stop drinking coffee as fuel and appreciate it, preferably in the company of people you care for.Like the


SuperBowl Halftime Kumbia Kings

.....Actually this episode is about the Kumbia Kings. The natural descendants to Selena who was about to cross over into mainstream American culture before she was murdered. Kumbia Kings tried to do t


Groundhog Day

Ground hog day is weird and I used to think it was a white person holiday. But in one way it's similar to the tamal eating day of Dia de la candelaria and in another it's a good collective lie built o


Mountains With Names

Mountains with names and how those names link us to our past and ground us in our time and place. Plus a story of me staring at a rock.Mt Rushmore episodeBook mentioned: How to Do Nothing: Resisting



The only sin an opossum ever committed was being weird looking. They should be your spirit animalThe Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast


Mount Rushmore

Mount RushmoreWe're back! A little history of mount Rushmore, it's links to the KKK and a confederate monument the potential illegality of it, my college theory (and an insight into how much fun I Was


Christmas Special (Good King Wenceslas)!

It's an Irrelevant Information Podcast Christmas Special about the most irrelevant Christmas song in the through the end for a special christmas surprise. The Irrelevant Information


Art Basel Banana

A Banana taped to a wall sold for 120k. Not even that, the idea of a banana taped to a wall sold for 120k. Twice. It's art though...it really is. Listen and find out why!Artnet Piece on itCattelan Art


Thomas Jefferson's Moose

Moose are the largest deer and the second largest animal in North America. Learn a little about them and how Thomas Jefferson NEEDED one to shut up a moronic French theory.Hey Bud, here's the moose vi


Dazzle Camouflage

Dazzle Camouflage is not conventional camouflage at all but is instead a theory to try and deceive uboat periscope operators. Did it work? What did it look like? How is it similar to the Sega 32x?!Daz


Stove Top Stuffing

Stove Top Stuffing exists because nobody REALLY likes your grandma's is best when it comes from a factory and nothing else is true.A brief history of stuffing, and a briefer history of


Falling Back/Springing Forward

Standard Time and Daylight Savings time!Why do we even spring forward or fall back at all? Why do this when it sucks having the sun set so early in the winter, it's and find out!


Monster Mash

Before this was a podcast it was a piece on The Irrelevant!The Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast the pod


Hibernating Bears 💤🐻

Being totally honest I didn't think hibernation was anything more than just continuous sleeping but it is honestly much more than that! It might even be the key to us being explorers



Jon Bois' Pretty Good video on the 1904 St. Louis Olympics MarathonBorn to Run by Christopher McDougall is only 9.99!NY Times Health article The Human Body is Built For Distance which was used as


MD-80 🛫

Arguably one of the greatest passenger airplanes of all time, the MD-80 was retired by American Airlines on September of 2019 and is slowly being faded out of the skies. What does the plane mean for t


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