Stove Top Stuffing

Stove Top Stuffing exists because nobody REALLY likes your grandma's is best when it comes from a factory and nothing else is true.A brief history of stuffing, and a briefer history of


Falling Back/Springing Forward

Standard Time and Daylight Savings time!Why do we even spring forward or fall back at all? Why do this when it sucks having the sun set so early in the winter, it's and find out!


Monster Mash

Before this was a podcast it was a piece on The Irrelevant!The Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast the pod


Hibernating Bears 💤🐻

Being totally honest I didn't think hibernation was anything more than just continuous sleeping but it is honestly much more than that! It might even be the key to us being explorers



Jon Bois' Pretty Good video on the 1904 St. Louis Olympics MarathonBorn to Run by Christopher McDougall is only 9.99!NY Times Health article The Human Body is Built For Distance which was used as


MD-80 🛫

Arguably one of the greatest passenger airplanes of all time, the MD-80 was retired by American Airlines on September of 2019 and is slowly being faded out of the skies. What does the plane mean for t


🌱 Based 🥩 Substitutes

The Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat burger are blowing up and fast food giants all across the world are adopting them as the solution to all their environmental problems. Are they? Why do they exist


The Great Stink

Pictures of Father Thames: In episode art, and here, and hereThe Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast the po


The 🌏's Tallest Statue

Photo Gallery of the World's Largest Statues hereGallery of the Statue of Unity only hereVisit to the Gundam Unicorn hereThe Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast NetworkT


Bread Clips

Here's all the kinds of bread clipsThe Irrelevant Information Podcast is a part of The Irrelevant Podcast the pod and wanna help me improv


Leap Years

Leap YearsSpecial episode! One year anniversary of the Irrelevant Podcast!What is a leap year? Why is it only every four years? Is it every four years??Then a little exploration about time.Listen to T


Exploding Birds

Exploding BirdsWatch the video if you haven't the pod and wanna help me improve it? Here's a tip jar anything helps. Find out more at the-irr

Ohio State Flag Episode NotesNotes go here

Ohio State Flag

Episode NotesNotes go here



have always been popular especially the search for a superfood but I believe Honey is the closest thing we have to one. Not because eating it and only it will make you the healthiest


Texas State Flag

Texas State FlagAnother Flag one. This one's about my home state's flag. A part of its history that isn't widely spoken of and how it resonates with me always but especially in light of recent events


Instant Noodles

Instant NoodlesAka Ramen except there's so much more to it than just what you buy for cheap and is presented in a foam cup. A little bit of history on both the instant and not instant kind of ramen


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