AsphaltWhat's black and thick and spread all over? Asphalt. It's the thing that makes the vast majority of our roads exist and is overseen but essential in making modern society



EmojiBeaver Emoji Proposal (The people that made Beaver Emoji the pod and wanna help me improve it?


Bay Leaves

Bay LeavesMore than just a yelp or twitter meme, The nasty tree leaf that's working behind the scenes to make everything better.Kenji Lopez Serious Eats articleThe Vast Bay Leaf Conspiracy Twitter:@ir


Food Nightmares

Food NightmaresWhat are the foods that cause nightmares and why? What should you avoid? Also a sidebar into the most popular food in America in the 1900s.Don't believe everything you...eat?Food Dream



been labeled the world's most dangerous bird and labeled as a killer but the real danger is how quickly we're changing nature and how we expect animals to live the way we do, but no


Instagram Museums

Instagram museums are not museums but they're a physical manifestation of the way an entire generation uses the internet and has birthed an entire industry...but are they on their way



landfills trash would literally just pile up in the streets or go into rivers/oceans. Much more than a hole in the ground Landfills represent an achievement in waste management but for


Black Hole Hard Drives

Black Hole Hard DrivesThe world was amazed as we finally saw what a REAL black hole looks like but all I could think about was how big was the data set and how did the researchers handle so much data?


Revolving Doors

Revolving DoorsRevolving doors have been around since the 1800s and are demonstrably good at improving the energy efficiency of buildings while keeping noise out, allowing people to go in and out at t


Schneider Trophy

Schneider TrophyNothing advanced airplane design as quickly as the Schneider Cup did, from running alongside an airplane to almost 400mph. The Gaudy Trophy itselfPorco Rosso's Airplane IRLPorco Rosso'


Greenwich Time Lady

Greenwich Time LadyWhat does refusal to adopt to new technology looks like? Is it bad? Well it provides jobs right, so it can't be bad....what does it take for progress to finally come and old technol



ConcordeThe future is always changing but the Concorde more than any other airplane is a relic of a past future. One where the idea of speed being superior exceeded all else. Speed over Comfort, progr


El Morro

El MorroA sandstone cliff in New Mexico became a place for people across thousands of years and three different cultures to make their presence known long after they've gone. What kind of record of pr


Episode 24 - Beavers

BeaversOne tweet set me off on a beaver binge and I had to share what these amazing little rodents do to the environment and how they inspired 's tweet that started it all: twitter.co


Episode 23 - IKEA Effect

IKEA EffectWhat makes everyone like IKEA, when it's just cheap kinda cool looking furniture and how does THAT same effect apply to everything else we're into.Read the full paper I spoke about on this


Episode 22 - Grand Big Mac

Grand Big MacMcDonald's is a delightful excessive tasteless gaudy amazing instution. The Grang Big Mac was PEAK McDonalds. I could talk about this restaurant all day but I only spoke about it for 11 m


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